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Cardano DEX Aggregator

A one stop platform to give you easy access to trading on Cardano with an algo that works out the best swap route for you and can split your order across multiple dexs when required

Connected Dexs

Liquidity Pools

TX's You Need To Submit

Helping YOU Find The Best Trading Options on Cardano

1 simple to use Interface to get you the best trade across 6 dexs on Cardano. Our algorithm does all the calculations to work out where you get the most tokens back on your trade and can even split across mulitple dexs while you only need to submit one tx.

Optimizing Your Trades Across 6 Cardano Dexs

Minswap Dex Cardano
Sundaeswap Cardano Dex
Spectrum Finance Cardano Dex
Muesliswap Cardano Dex
Muesliswap Cardano Dex
Wingriders Cardano Dex


If you or your project is interested in a partnership where you can earn some of the swap fees then reach out to have a chat

All Your Trading History In One Place

Keeping track of all your orders across multiple dexs can be hard but with our platform you can see all your trades in one place and their current status. You also have the ability to cancel them directly from our swaps dashboard as a single order or cancel multiple swaps in one tx.

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