ADAMarkets supports Cardano for energy applications. For instance, 50% of the variable fee is donated to WRI, and the stake pool is hosted on Google servers, which offset their emissions.

ADAMarkets aims at highest transparency for its delegators by publishing regularly on the blog: 1. the scheduled blocks about 1 day before each epoch to make visible the success rate of AMKT1 to mint blocks, 2. updates of the Cardano software. We also use the sendmytip script to pooltool.io to make visible that AMKT1 is in sync with the Cardano blockchain.

I am a scientist working in the energy field, who became fascinated by Cardano’s technical potential and its vision. In particular, I became attracted by the ambition to include everyone, its low environmental footprint, and last but not least the scientific rigor in developing the technology.

ADAMarkets is a member of SPOCRA – Stake Pool Operator Collective Representation Assembly