bonus system

The bonus reward periods

In order to reward early long-term delegators, AMKT1 of ADAMarkets introduces a 10% bonus reward (see conditions below). It works as follows:

  1. a first snapshot of the wallet addresses staking with AMKT1 is made in the transition from epoch 299 to 300;
  2. then after 25 epochs, and a new snapshot is made in the transition from epoch 324 to 325. This completes the AMKT1 bonus period 1, and also initiates the AMKT1 bonus period 2;
  3. wallet addresses of AMKT1 receive bonus rewards in epoch 327 (two periods after the end of the bonus period);
  4. this cycle repeats, i.e. a snapshot is made in the transition from epoch 349 and 350, rewards paid in epoch 352 etc.;
  5. a 10% bonus reward will be added to the regular reward that a wallet address receives from staking with AMKT1. It is sent separately from the regular rewards. For example, if an address receives 1000 ADA as a regular reward from staking with AMKT1 during the epochs 300-324, then a bonus reward of 100 ADA will be paid by AMKT1 to the same wallet address.

Any delegator is free to move their ADA from AMKT1 at any time. You will stake your ADA as usual with Daedalus, Adalite etc. The only difference is that AMKT1 sends an extra bonus every 25 epochs to your wallet address following the cycle described above.


The following conditions apply:

  1. the eligible addresses have to participate in two consecutive snapshots, i.e. at the beginning of the AMKT1 bonus period and when it ends. The wallet addresses have to contain more than 5.000 ADA at both snapshots. The delegator is free to move their ADA between the snapshots, but it is advisable to keep them since the bonus received is 10% of the regular rewards received from AMKT1 during the same bonus period;
  2. this offer is only valid as long as the stake of AMKT1 is less than 1.5 million ADA. The addresses that joined before the stake of AMKT1 surpassed 1.5 million ADA will continue to receive bonus rewards, but new wallet addresses joining afterwards would not receive a bonus (only regular rewards);
  3. the eligible addresses delegating to AMKT1 after a snapshot will be written on the website;
  4. in case one of the eligible addresses decides to stake with another pool, then a new address will be selected as eligible at the following snapshot. This will be communicated on the webpage;
  5. In case an eligible wallet addresses adds ADA so that their accumulative stake reaches for example 2 million, then the bonus rewards’ limit remains at 1.5 million. Using the example from point 5 above, then the address would receive a bonus of 25*1.5/2=18.75 ADA;
  6. Note, the bonus system might have to be changed in case the fee structure of Cardano changes. Nevertheless, AMKT1 will continue to maintain a bonus structure with comparable rewards for early, long term delegators. Any changes to the bonus reward system would be communicated on the website.
  7. The owner of AMKT1 maintains the right to unilaterally change the bonus system, or amend it. Changes would be announced on the website


bonus period 1 – 1 Nov 2021 to 6 March 2022 (epochs 300 – 324)

bonus period 2 – 6 March 2022 to 9 July 2022 (epochs 325 – 349)